The Ultimate Practice Accelerator™
Setting the new standard for orthodontic & dental practices.

Everything your practice needs in one powerful platform

Smart Cloud. Adaptive user interface. PC, Mac & web browser support. 250+ integrated features.

Practice Management

Full-featured practice management. Continuous Accounting. Electronic claims. Automated payments.

2D & 3D Imaging

Direct-to-cloud Xray bridges. Super-fast 3D, STL, & DICOM. Intraoral sensors. Integrated picture capture & ceph.

Reputation Management

Procedure-triggered patient satisfaction surveys, social media integration with a high score filter and sorting by source.

Patient Engagement

Automatic email & SMS communications, Patient self-service. Website integration. Secure messaging portal.

Marketing Automation

Universal Query with list builder. Personalized email & SMS campaigns. User-defined merge templates for letters documents & forms.

Complete support for multi-location and multi-speciality practices

Provide your patients with all of the services they need where they need it with a single system.

Dental Practices

Visual Practice includes everything you will need to run your dental practice. From patient self scheduling to automated claims services, Visual improves and streamlines every area of your practice.

Orthodontic Practices

Visual Practice has native support for orthodontic practice with integrated 3D alignment tools, ceph analysis, payment estimation tools, 3D visualization and the industry’s fastest and most advanced DICOM integration.

Our simple and intuitive interface makes every task a breeze

Finally, a practice management solution that is truly complete.

Visual Practice makes everybody's job easier

Save time, money, and effort in every area of your practice.


Save time with each case thanks to our powerful ceph analysis, 3D alignment tool, and charting.

Pediatric Dentistry

Integrated support for pediatric dental charting and parent communication.


Powerful 3D visualization, charting, and our rapid dicom viewing will speed up the treatment process.


Get a clear picture through the use of cutting-edge 3D and interactive dicom capabilities.


Store pictures, X-rays, and models in real-time, directly with the patient record.

Oral Surgery

Integrate directly and seamlessly with external x-ray and dicom visualization systems to maximize accuracy.


A visual dashboard that highlights receivables, cash flow, production, backlog, and much more!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Leverage our 3D STL visualization capabilities to provide the perfect smile.

General Dentistry

Accept, process, and electronically submit payments and insurance claims quickly and easily.


Never have to enter the same information twice. Our smart database design eliminates duplication of stored data while enforcing its consistency.


Anticipates what you are trying to accomplish and takes action to save you time. The software does the thinking for you.


Triple validates, encrypts, and stores your information in the cloud with built-in protection from ransomware, viruses, and computer crashes.

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