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This list compares some of the key features of Visual Practice across the various plan options.

Marketing Automation Features
DescriptionGreat Place to StartMost PopularScale & Grow
General Features
Native Smart Cloud 2.0 N-Tier architecture with intelligent, secure, & scalable smart APIs
TruConcurrent™ licensing with automatic release and triple-redundant license servers
Always-on PKI certificate-verified TLS 1.2 encryption channels for all cloud connections
Enterprise-grade MS-SQL Server database with integrated image and file storage
Self-enforcing cloud data integrity with 3NF database architecture
Fast, optimistic concurrency detection with user-driven resolution
Google Compute Engine hosting with geographic zone assignment
PixelPerfect™ Web Browser App (selected web browsers)
PixelPerfect™ Windows Native App with fast Cloud connectivity
PixelPerfect™ Mac OS-X Native App with fast Cloud Connectivity
Dual-optimized user interface supporting both touch tablets and traditional keyboard + mouse data entry
Support for multiple time zones per practice
Built-in user manual and training videos with always current cloud media and fast streaming
Role-based security with predefined, customizeable, and custom roles including read, write, execute, print, and deny attributes at a granular level and support for multiple roles per user
Built-in instant messenger for quick and discrete staff communication within the office
User tasks and actions with due date flagging and task state management for both specific patient & cases and generic assignments
Owner’s balanced scorecard dashboard with accounting period-selectable consolidated financial reports and drill-in capabilities for production, backlog, aged receivables, and cash flow
Segregated reporting and custom financial reports available as optional add-on services
HIPAA-compliant automatic logout of all inactive sessions
Automatic session history with PowerBack™ navigation technology
HIPAA-compliant logging of all applicable user actions at the database level
Periodic cloud backups with fast disaster recovery
Practice Management Features
Automatic, location-aware employee time clock with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly time card reports for a selected user or in aggregate
Appointment scheduler with day and week views, integrated check-in, and multiple procedures per appointment
Multiple schedule books per location
Multiple office locations per practice, each with multiple configurable stations
Configurable schedule templates (per day, location, schedule book, and station)
Office weekly planner with configurable holidays and custom out-of-office days
Dr. time capacity tracker per schedule book
Patient Check-In with integrated Payment acceptance (copays), Rescheduling, Cancel, Withdraw, Walk-Ins
Payment acceptance wizard
USB check reader and card swipe unit integration
Payment status management queue with support for reversals, chargebacks, rejections, cleared, etc.
Payment gateway integration supporting Credit / Debit Cards, ACH, eChecks, Transaction Status etc.
Patient self check-In kiosk with exception management
Patient Check-Out with integrated Next Appointment, Payments, Walk-Out Statement, etc.
Patient self-registration tablet
Lighting patient flow management with queues, wait timers, next appointment and recall requests, and instant staff notifications
Appointment exception management queue
Patient recall management queue
Patient demographics with siblings conversion
Multiple patient cases and case types for each patient
Quick conversion of siblings into active patients
Patient referrals tracker with customizeable SmartPaste™
Multiple responsible parties per case
Multiple fee schedules for procedures
Billabe and non-billable procedures with separate ADA billing codes
Billable-only overall treatment procedures (D8080, etc.)
Financial contracts with templates, FICO score, and automated contract cycle generation with insurance coverage-specific benefits integration
QwikPlan™ interactive financial contract payment planner with what-if analysis of multiple payment plans
Contracts auto pay engine with adjustable payment day
Multiple Insurance coverages per responsible party with plan and treatment type-specific coverage benefits
Integrated insurance card and drivers license / state ID dual side scanning
Insurance claims with ADA dental claim form generation and support for preauthorization & coordination of benefits (COB) claims
Claim attachments with auto-generated cover page
Supports ICD-10 diagnosis codes and pointers in claims
Insurance coverage estimator with per-year and per-plan limits tracking and per-insurance coverage treatment type-specific benefits
Claim copy with automatic claim conversion from Preauthorization -> Chargeable Claims -> Secondary COB claims
Claim status management queue with insurance bulk payment acceptance, etc.
Claim continuation statement generation for partial insurance payments
Electronic insurance clearinghouse integration with claim submission, claim status, eligibility and benefits verification, attachments, etc.
One step submit for electronic claims + attachments
Patient ledger with financial statement generation and appointment blocker
Continous Accounting engine with auto-posting and auto-balancing of debits and credits
Accounting review with export to QuickBooks and other third-party accounting software
Auto-locking, auto-reversing ledger entries for exported items to comply with GAAP rules
Daily collections report for cash, credit / debit cards, eChecks / ACH, and dental finance disbursements
Electronic documents workflow with import from JPEG / PNG files, flat bed and dual-sided ADF scanner, and wireless tablet webcam capture with multi-page prompts
Electronic document viewer with region of interest magnification and contrast / brightness / sharpness / flip / rotate adjustments
Mail-merge wizard with comprehensive electronic patient records support
Built-in WYSIWYG document editor with fonts, tables, bold, italic, colors, pictures, etc., draft print, export to PDF, HIPAA-complaint email support, and secure messaging portal integration
Merge templates workflow with built-in WYSIWYG editor, print preview, and merge tags with descriptors for database fields, images, etc.
Electronic signatures for touch-enabled tablets and signature pads
Supplies Orders workflow with supplier catalog management, quick reorder, and status queue
Secure messaging portal for mail-merged documents and Visual Practice generated reports with secure recipient registration, integrated password management, automated security logout, and inbox management
Secure patient portal with forms, contracts, forms, appointment, claims, financial statements, and payments.
Interactive patient onboarding and treatment checklists with automated logging and direct navigation links
Custom interactive checklists available as an optional service
Case records binder using a familiar page flipping paradigm to consolidate case summary, demographics, referrals, responsible parties & insurance coverages, contracts, medical history, diagnosis, long term treatment plans, images, appointments, encounters, claims, payments, documents, and tasks for the selected patient and case
Practice setup workflow for practice information, practice-configurable lists, practice-wide defaults, etc.
List editors for all practice-configurable lists with in-place activation and default selections for all workflows
Clinical Features
Patient medical history with batch mode & on-the-fly customizeable wizard
Patient diagnosis with batch mode on-the-fly customizeable wizard
Long-term treatment plans with case events tracker
Treatment records with clinical notes at the overall case level and at the encounter level with AutoLock™ technology and user-customizeable SmartPaste™
Comprehensive treatment progress report with case summary and per-encouter notes & procedures
Interactive drill-in graphical case progress timeline with zoom, scroll, and links to encounters, pictures, x-rays, and model sets
* Comprehensive dental charting of conditions and procedures with multiple dental plans and mixed dentition support
* Dental treatment plan with overall and per-procedure discount and integrated patient signature
* Dental treatment management with per-mouth, per-quad, per-set, per-tooth, per-surface, and per-root procedure tracking (existing, proposed, referred, accepted, rejected, completed) with mixed dentition support and and automated ledger posting
Interactive, intelligent graphical teeth, surfaces, and roots selectors with ADA-compliant coding
* Dental Chart graphic report with integrated HIPAA-compliant email
* Comprehensive periodontal charting with QwikChart™ and mixed dentition support
* Perio Chart graphic report with integrated HIPAA-compliant email
Comprehensive orthodontic charting with QwikChart™, alignment tracking, bracket prescriptions, and mixed dentition support
Ortho Chart graphic report with integrated HIPAA-compliant email
Interactive, visual 3-D orthodontic alignment tracking with 3D stereoscopic support
3-D orthodontic progress chart with OrthoScore™
Orthodontic before-and-after report with 3D progress chart and archwire / appliance timeline
Prescriptions workflow with templates, pharmacy management, and status queue
Lab Orders workflow with SmartPaste™, lab management, and status queue
Imaging Features
X-Ray management workflow with support for bitewing, periapical, occlusal, panoramic, cephalometric, & anteropostrior X-Rays and CBCT scans
2-D X-Ray import from JPEG / PNG / BMP files, USB flatbed scanner, and wireless tablet webcam capture
2-D X-Ray Viewer with OneTouch™ zoom / pan / contrast / brightness / sharpness / flip / rotate adjustments
Lateral and frontal Cephalometric Analysis (Steiner+, MacNamara, Roth-Jarabak, Ricketts Frontal)
*Built-in intraoral X-Ray sensor acquisition with “point-and-shoot” native integration (Shick Elite / 33, etc.)
Built-in Panoramic, Cephalometric, Anterioposterior, and CBCT X-Ray acquisition with “point-and-shoot” integration with native support for Carestream, Sirona, Planmeca, Vatech, etc. and generic TWAIN driver
3-D CBCT import from DICOM files or file sets with support for 8,12,14,and 16-bit grayscale and compressed, colored single and multi-slice DICOM image files
FastSave™ CBCT cloud storage with multiple parallel cloud connections, multi-core CPU compression, and 20 second upload / 10 second download performance per typical CBCT scan at 0.2 mm resolution
3-D MPR viewer with axial, coronal, and sagittal views with additional coronal and sagittal detail tilting panes and OneTouch™ controls for contrast, slice positioning, zoom, pan, brightness, and sharpness
Panoramic, Cephalometric, and Anterioposterior image reconstruction from CBCT volume with soft tissue blending, self-calibrated export, and OneTouch™ bone density threshold + maxillomandibular area calibration
3D STL cranial model extraction from CBCT volume with 3D STL export
Model management workflow with support for 2D model pictures and composite 3D STL model scenes
2-D Model import from JPEG / PNG / BMP files, USB flatbed scanner, and wireless tablet webcam capture
2-D Model Viewer with OneTouch™ zoom / pan / contrast / brightness / sharpness / flip / rotate adjustments
*Built-in intraoral camera acquisition with “point-and-shoot” integration and footpedal trigger with native support for Digital Doc, NES, etc.
3-D Model import from binary STL files with support for 3Shape, Planmeca, Cerec and iTero or similar 3D optical arch scanners with STL export option
3-D interactive STL scene viewer with maxillomandibilar composite and adjustments for zoom, elevation, azimuth, colors, textures, lighting, camera angles, intra-model spacing, stacking, offset, and 3-D stereoscopic support
Picture management workflow with selectable layouts
2-D patient progress picture import from JPEG / PNG files, USB flatbed scanner, and wireless tablet webcam capture
2-D Picture Viewer with OneTouch™ zoom / pan / contrast / brightness / sharpness / flip / rotate adjustments
Patient Engagement Features
Website-integrated, template-driven patient self-scheduling web interface with appointment, doctor, location, and day / time preference search
Integrated email / SMS appointment notifications & reminders
Notification-integrated secure appointment actions web interface: confirm, cancel, self-reschedule with appointment search
Automated email / SMS appointment exception notifications (no-shows, walkouts, etc.)
Automated email / SMS patient recall notifications (programmable for up to 1 year in the future)
Integrated secure chat (HIPAA compliant two-way texting)
Automatically triggered patient review request emails configurable at the procedure level from a set of predefined types (consultation reviews, prophylactic service reviews, treatment reviews, emergency procedure reviews, referral reviews)
Patient review web interface with threshold-triggered social media review prompts and social media link tracking
Patient reviews status queue with review type filtering, aggregation, and drill-in capabilities
Per-case patient reviews workflow with social media links and drill-in capabilities
Universal query and marketing list generator with export capabilities for third-party integrations
* not available for Visual Orthodontics (orthodontics-only) configurations ** TruConcurrent, PixelPerfect, PowerBack, AutoLock, SmartPaste, QwikPlan, OneTouch, QwikChart, FastSave, and OrthoScore are trademarks of Practice Visual Corporation – all rights reserved

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