How DSOs Use Standardization To Compete Against You

How DSOs Use Standardization To Compete Against You

As the oral healthcare industry consolidates and becomes more competitive, maintaining the highest level of clinical protocols, standards, and brand consistency becomes paramount for success.

Visual Practice, a premier dental cloud platform, is emerging as a game-changer in this space, helping practices new and old, either single or with multiple offices, compete effectively against the DSO consolidation wave and so can yours.

Standardized Clinical Protocols

Standardized clinical protocols are crucial, especially in multi-provider, multi-location dental practices where different practitioners might have varying approaches to treatment. A centralized software platform, like Visual Practice, offers tools that allow for creating and distributing consistent clinical protocols for all of your providers – whether as part of a single office location or across all of your practice locations, wherever they happen to be.

Visual Practice’s built-in medical history and diagnosis template-driven workflows play a crucial role in maintaining these standards. Use the built-in diagnosis wizard to quickly pick up and assemble the relevant answer set based on your practice’s standard checklist, change any checklist item, or add checklist items on the fly as you’re capturing your medical history or diagnosis elements. Define as many medical history and diagnosis templates as you wish: oriented by chief complaint, treatment type, patient class, etc., ensuring that every practitioner within your practice adheres to the same high standards of care.

It’s also important to remember these protocols and standards are not static; they evolve with KPI-driven feedback, advancements in dental research, and new dental technology. Your dental software platform should be able to adapt quickly and in a distributed fashion. This uniformity is critical in building trust with patients, as they receive the same high-quality care no matter which provider treats them or which office they visit.

High and Consistent Quality of Care

Consistency is key in any multi-location practice but can be one of the most difficult to achieve and maintain. Consistent quality of care ensures that clinical outcomes are predictable and reliable. Standardized treatment protocols and procedures help achieve similar results for similar conditions, regardless of the location or practitioner.

Visual Practice allows you to create any number of template-driven, optimized treatment plans for each case – which can then be presented to the patient as treatment alternatives. Memorize any treatment plan into a template, and use any saved templates to create future treatment plans for similar chief complaints, treatment types, or classes of patients.

By utilizing standardized treatment plan features, your practice can minimize variations in care and enhance treatment outcomes. Your providers can collaborate within the platform, sharing insights, making updates, and adding optimizations in real time. This collaborative approach to continuous improvement improves patient outcomes and enhances the practice’s reputation.

Effective Brand Management

Patients view multi-provider and/or multi-location practices as a single entity, and their experiences with different providers and/or different locations shape their perception of your practice as a brand. Delivering consistent and high-quality care reinforces the brand’s reputation for excellence, attracting new patients and retaining existing ones.

Using a shared dental software platform like Visual Practice by all of your providers across all of your locations will help patients view a multi-location practice as one brand, not just separate offices under the same name. Visual Practice, maintaining detailed and accurate patient records becomes a streamlined process. This accuracy helps in delivering personalized care and strengthens the overall patient experience. Additionally, the ability to easily access and share records ensures that all branches of the practice present a unified front, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to excellence.

If this was not enough, Visual Practice’s built-in marketing and brand management features, such as social media reviews integration, template-driven email & SMS campaigns based on dynamic list building, automated patient engagement with encrypted 2-way instant messaging and a secure patient portal, allow you to manage your brand’s image with a minimum of effort on your part. This consistency not only enhances patient satisfaction but also promotes word-of-mouth referrals, which are vital for the growth and success of your dental practice.


Through integration, automation, and simplicity, Visual Practice can help your dental practice achieve, in a cost-effective fashion, the consistency, performance, and brand identity needed to compete against the emergent DSO growth wave successfully. If you decide to embrace, deploy, and leverage such innovative solutions as Visual Practice now offers your dental practice will thrive, never having to fear a loss of market share to the Big Brother DSO setting up shop across the street – or across town for that matter.

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