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Treatment Chart - Deliciously powerful.

Start with a conventional history of encounters, procedures, and case notes. View the entire case history at a glance with our interactive graphical case timeline with drill-down capabilities. Create and update color-coded tooth charts to document the installation and removal of braces, archwires, appliances, retainers, and to capture tooth alignment progress. Kick it up a notch with our unique interactive 3D tooth alignment editor (Windows clients only). Navigate back and forth within the 3D tooth alignment editor to visualize tooth alignment progress in full 3D (compatible 3D LCD panel required). And finally, monitor and control your treatment effectiveness through our unique Tooth Alignment Score interactive 3D chart. This is fun!

Medical History - Flexible and extensible.

Use the built-in medical history wizard to quickly pick up and assemble the relevant answer set based on your practice's standard checklist, change any checklist item or add your own items on the fly as you are capturing the information from the patient. Launch the initial patient survey on a wireless tablet and hand it to the patient for immediate and accurate capture of the patient provided information directly into the database. Have the patient sign electronically on the tablet, then print or save as PDF the completed New Patient form to share with the patient, insurance company, or the referring entity.

Diagnosis - Swift and powerful.

Capture and document your diagnosis quickly by using the built-in diagnosis wizard to quickly pick up and assemble the relevant answer set based on your practice's standard checklist, change any checklist item or add checklist items on the fly as you're capturing your diagnosis elements.

Treatment Plans - Standardize what-ifs.

Define and capture as many alternate treatment plans for each case as you need, capture the total estimated cost, and all the important steps and procedures for each. Memorize any treatment plan into a template, and use any saved templates to create future treatment plans, other similar cases, or patients.

Records - All in one place.

Just like with a physical patient binder, flip pages back and forth (or use the built-in direct navigation control) to quickly view and update all patient related case data: demographics, referrals, insurance, contracts, patient history, diagnosis, treatment plans, images, appointments, treatment notes, insurance claims, payments, patient document library — and all case related staff tasks, reminders, and notes. Lickety-split!

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