Apple / Mac Support in Orthodontic Practice Management Software

Considering the ubiquity of the Apple Macintosh, one would expect more orthodontic practice management software products to offer support for this platform today. So why don’t they?
The answer is a little bit more complex.

The great majority of the legacy products in the market started out as Windows client-server applications a few decades ago. Once you commit to an operating system, it becomes extremely expensive to migrate over to a new one while you are still supporting a large installed base, so your success as a vendor can become your competitive weakness in the future.

The preference for the Windows platform is even more prevalent amongst the imaging system vendors; a Windows-based orthodontic practice management system can therefore offer a lot more integration capabilities with X-ray imaging equipment than a Mac-based one.

And how about all these new cloud-based orthodontic practice management systems which run in a Web browser? Well, due to the secure sandboxing imposed by all modern browsers, HTML-based web applications suffer from an even more severe limitation of choices when integrating with X-Ray imaging equipment, document scanners, credit card readers, MICR check scanners, etc.

Given all these considerations, do you really have to choose between the broader hardware integration capabilities of a Windows based system, the polished look of an Apple platform, or the convenience of the cloud?

Visual Practice’ unique mixed fleet / hybrid cloud architecture allows you to enjoy all these benefits with no compromises or tradeoffs. More specifically:

  • Connect your X-Ray imaging equipment to a Visual Practice Windows client and acquire X-rays through its universal driver or through its built-in bridges connecting with all major X-ray manufacturers’ equipment for better control over acquisition parameters. All X-rays go straight into the patient’s file kept on your secure server.
  • Work with all acquired X-rays immediately, and do everything else not requiring Windows hardware drivers from any Mac OS-X desktop or laptop connected to your server through Visual Practice’ Mac client, which has the same exact user interface as the Windows client. It’s that easy!
  • Using any combination of Mac or Windows clients, connect to your server over your local wired network, over your in-office Wi-Fi, or form any location in the world over the Internet, in a completely transparent fashion – just as if you were in your main office.

Contact us at (888) 845-7621 or on the web at for more information on how Visual Practice can help you have it all, and have it now – no compromises!

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