Visual Practice Selects SparkPost to Maximize Email Deliverability

SparkPost is the preferred email provider for Visual Practice' New Automated Patient Engagement Engine for Orthodontic Practices

Rolling Meadows, IL – August 29, 2017 – Practice Visual Corporation, the developer of Visual Practice, a Cloud 2.0 orthodontic practice management and automation system, announced that they are using SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available today, as its preferred email provider for Visual Practice to ensure speed, reliability, and the highest delivery rates of its automated email notifications. With Visual Practice' automated email notifications via SparkPost, orthodontists benefit from the best levels of patient satisfaction with the highest rates of ensuing referrals to grow their practices further, faster, and with less effort.

"These communications contain important information ranging from treatment notes to billing and scheduling details," says Ryan Stemkoski, Chief Marketing Officer, Visual Practice. "It is critical to our customers that these notifications are delivered consistently and in a timely manner to the recipient's Inbox rather than being rejected or getting lost in their spam folders."

Visual Practice can automate many manual tasks related to everything from scheduling to clinical, financials, patient records management, and much more. Its unique 4-in-1 integrated automation platform modernizes, streamlines, and improves all aspects of an orthodontic practice, while its intuitive drill-down reporting tools allow for an easy and powerful way of monitoring the financial and the marketing health of any practice. Robust patient engagement and marketing automation features help orthodontists manage their online reputations, initiate and review lead generations, and launch online marketing campaigns.

"SparkPost significantly increases deliverability rates of Visual Practice' automatically generated transactional emails," says Stemkoski. "This has helped us raise the quality of our patient engagement and all other automation features while improving the value of our email communication component."

Visual Practice is preparing to launch a new suite of audience-building features on its automated marketing engine, such as a programmable engine that automatically solicits new patient referrals and reviews, manages social media postings, runs DRIP campaigns, and tracks paid online search and SEO performance.

"Email deliverability and reliability will be key factors for our ability to measure the success of this new capability, and we're confident SparkPost will continue to meet and deliver the superlative level of service our customers expect," adds Stemkoski.

"It's impossible to overstate the importance of email deliverability, service, reliability, and speed," said Josh Aberant, Chief Marketing Officer of SparkPost. "We at SparkPost take these metrics extremely seriously and have made it our mission to be a leading provider of email delivery services built in the cloud and available for organizations of all sizes. Email is an essential tool for growth and we look forward to continuing to serve the needs of Visual Practice customers as they grow the business and their capabilities expand."

About Visual Practice
Visual Practice is a powerful new 4-in-1 practice automation system designed specifically for mobility, performance, and ease of use. The next generation all-in-one orthodontic software platform, Visual Practice has a modern and highly intuitive user interface running on a cutting-edge Cloud 2.0 server infrastructure that enables any single, multi-office, or multi-specialty practice to attract and treat more patients in less time and grow further faster.

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