Visual Practice: The next generation of orthodontic practice management software has arrived.

After nearly ten years of research, product development, and rigorous customer testing, the much-anticipated launch of Visual Practice is finally here. If you aren’t already familiar with Visual Practice, you should be. Visual Practice is a unique 4-in-1 integrated orthodontic practice automation platform based on the latest Cloud 2.0 technologies that modernizes, streamlines, and improves all aspects of an orthodontic practice:

  1. Comprehensive practice management: scheduling, billing, e-payments, contracts, e-claims, accounting, letter generation, universal query and HIPAA-compliant email
  2. Deep clinical support: multi-specialty charting, advanced imaging with integrated picture and pan-ceph-bitewing X-Ray capture, lateral / frontal ceph analysis, 3-D alignment tracking, drill-down case timeline, lab orders, prescriptions, smart notes, and many more
  3. Robust patient engagement: a feature-rich modern communication engine, automated 2-way communication, and a complete suite of fully integrated online patient forms
  4. Marketing automation support: built-in marketing automation and powerful online reputation management, review generation, and online marketing capabilities

The launch of Visual Practice ushers in a new paradigm in orthodontic practice management software. As the only Orthodontic Practice Accelerator™ on the market, Visual Practice has been constructed from the ground up to help orthodontists take their practice further, faster, and with less effort.

No longer will orthodontists have to switch between loosely connected modules or disparate applications from a multitude of vendors. With Visual Practice, everything is connected into intuitive workflows that seamlessly mirror how the staff works rather than getting in the way.

Visual Practice is also the only product on the market that is dually optimized for touch and mobility. Supporting both Windows and Mac clients, the entire Visual Practice experience has been carefully designed for fast and painless data entry across a number of devices including tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Whether you’re using a touchscreen or your keyboard-and-mouse, you can quickly and seamlessly interact with Visual Practice allowing you to focus on the patient and not the software. Finally, say goodbye to those bulky PCs taking up space in the operatory area and look forward to a nicer, cleaner, and more modern office.

Best of all, Visual Practice replaces many previously manual tasks with powerful “set it and forget it” background automation tasks, while providing intuitive drill-down reporting tools designed to easily monitor the financial and the marketing health of a practice. With Visual Practice, the orthodontist can focus on doing what they enjoy best – getting their patients great smiles instead of being distracted with running an ever increasingly complex business.

If you would like to know more or schedule a private demonstration, you can visit Visual Practice online at or call toll-free (888) 845-7621.

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