Visual Practice 2021 Announcement

Practice Visual Corporation launches Visual Practice 2021, the latest update to its comprehensive practice management, clinical, and marketing platform designed specifically for growing multi-location and multi-specialty dental & orthodontic practices and DSOs

Rolling Meadows, IL (December 30, 2020) -- Practice Visual Corporation announces that it has launched the latest version of its popular dental practice cloud automation software.

Visual Practice 2021 comes packed with all of the practice management, clinical, imaging, and marketing features that modern dental and orthodontic practices need in one seamlessly integrated and simple to use interface. With native dental and orthodontic mixed dentition toolsets, Visual Practice is the ideal solution for growing multi-specialty and/or multi-location dental practices, and DSOs.

Some of the brand new cutting-edge features in Visual Practice 2021 include:

  • Covid-19 Safety Support:
    Keep your staff and patients safe with integrated social distancing protocols compete with integrated appointment screening, automated patient flow throttling, self-check-in, and patient tracking.

  • Internationalization:
    Complete regional support for practices in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc. with localized Google Cloud hosting.

  • Advanced Family Dentistry Support:
    A host of new features to support family dentists including automatic multi-patient scheduling wizard, family merge with auto-merging of family members and responsible parties.

  • Improved Dental & Orthodontic Charting with Smart Imaging Integration:
    Charting is getting much smarter in the 2021 edition of Visual Practice with the introduction of smart search, dynamic image archiving, and 2x faster 3D DICOM cloud performance.

  • Patient Referral Tracking System:
    Know exactly where your new patients are coming from with our patient referral tracking system. Communicate directly with your patients and referrals through, email, SMS, and automated marketing workflows. 
  • Contract Cycle Tracking System:
    Maximize your profitability with our end-to-end contract tracking system bundled with integrated payment processing, claims processing automation, a best-in-class payment plan builder/slider, and more.

  • Interactive Patient Activity & Procedure Productivity Workflows:
    Easily track both your internal and external patient activity with built-in filters for providers, treatment types, locations, and more.

Other popular features of Visual Practice that have been enhanced for the 2021 edition include:

  • Multi-Specialty Support
    Native and integrated support for combined specialties with mixed dentition support, including general dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, implantology, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and more.
  • 3D STL in the Cloud
    Acquire, store, combine, view, and interact with your optically scanned 3D STL dental molds directly within your cloud-hosted Visual Practice software.

  • DICOM Viewing with 3D
    Space-age parallel processing with multi-path cloud connectivity makes blazing fast DICOM storing and viewing directly from the cloud finally possible. For even more clinical value, you can now convert scanned CT volumes into a Panoramic, Cephalometric, or a 3D STL bone model with just one mouse click.
  • Scalable Multiple Location Support
    Our scalable cloud architecture connects one, two, or even 96 offices with ease, with up to 96 stations per location. Offer different services at different locations in different time zones? Satellite offices? Traveling orthodontists? All covered.
  • Continuous Accounting with QuickBooks Integration
    A first in the dental industry, Visual Practice includes a powerful Continuous Accounting engine that keeps your practice’s financial records always up to date with no additional effort on your part. Gone are all the non-value-adding tasks such as posting to patient ledgers, start-of-day, end-of-day, and working off of stale financial reports. Patient statements are always up-to-date, and so are your production, backlog, receivables, and cash flow reports. Your accountant will surely appreciate Visual’s GAAP-compliant ledger entries with one-click export to QuickBooks or any other compatible accounting software.
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance with no Server IT 
    Save big on server and IT support costs with automatic HIPAA and PCI compliance as part of our secure cloud hosting service. Built-in immunity to data corruption, viruses, and ransomware? Daily cloud backups? Rapid disaster recovery? All covered.
  • Expanded Charting
    Mixed-dentition Dental, Orthodontic, and Periodontal charting with intelligent Tooth, Surface, and Root selectors are standard. Everything you need for any dental specialty.

  • QwikPlan™ Slider
    A fully integrated, interactive payment plan generator puts the patient in control and allows you to sign up more cases & increase your practice revenue faster by finding a payment model that works for each patient.
  • Automated Patient Reviews
    Configurable, automatic patient survey requests with social media integration and consolidated analysis dashboard.
  • Fully Integrated Manual and Training Videos
    Help is just one mouse click away with Visual Practice training videos and user manual chapters integrated straight into the platform. Drag the training video or the manual chapter on a second monitor and follow along using a test patient to learn the software quickly and effectively at your own pace.

A number of practices that have already converted to Visual Practice 2021 have been amazed by the breadth of capabilities and the ease of use of this new platform. Dr. Goel of Advanced Dental Specialists in New Jersey shared, “Switching to Visual Practice was like getting a breath of fresh air. I run a multi-specialty dental practice and Visual is the only platform that can really cover both orthodontics and dentistry at the same time – it’s like having Dolphin and Dentrix in one package!”

This is exactly what Visual Practice 2021 was designed to do: to simplify and streamline the complexities of modern dental and orthodontic practices by combining a number of tools into a single comprehensive, consistent, and easy to learn and use platform.

To learn more about Visual Practice and its impressive feature set, visit

About Practice Visual Corporation

Visual Practice is a powerful 4-in-1 practice automation system designed specifically for mobility, performance, and ease of use. As the next generation all-in-one dental/orthodontic software platform, Visual Practice has a modern and highly intuitive user interface running on a cutting edge cloud infrastructure that enables any single, multi-office, or multi-specialty practice to attract and treat more patients in less time and with less effort.

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan Stemkoski

Ryan Stemkoski, MBA is the Chief Marketing Officer at Visual Practice, a leading Dental & Orthodontic Practice Management platform. As Visual Practice's Chief Marketing Officer, Ryan is responsible for the company’s global marketing, corporate communications, and design aesthetic. Ryan works to connect dentists and orthodontists with Visual Practice' solutions that will improve the efficiency and profitability of their practices.

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